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Walleye Fish Metal Wall Art | Wood and Metal Lake Cabin Wall Décor | Shop, Home, Office Wall and Shelf Fish Décor| Made in USA

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The sometimes elusive and always challenging king catch – the Walleye, in artistic form. Hang this handsome catch as a symbol of what has been or is yet to come in your fishing adventures. As wildlife décor goes, this is the statement piece that’ll take your space from “hmmm… something’s missing” to “Yeah, this is a cool place to be.”

This walleye sculpture art:

• Was made using rustic stained wood and clear-coated steel

• Is made primarily for indoor display, but could be used outdoors if displayed in a covered area

• May be hung by the sawtooth hanger on the back or propped on a shelf or table

I design and craft what I love and that includes a variety of fish and wildlife theme décor. My art studio/wood and metal shop near my home in Minnesota is my favorite hangout and I get lost in the artistry. As I draw and saw, cut, sand and grind, I’m hoping the end result excites my clients, causing them to be as awe-struck with nature as me.

Check out my art through this shop – my other passion is making sports items so you’ll find sports themed wall décor, too.

And, if you’d like me to make something special for you, message me ‘cause I’d love to help.